Forging a Viking Battleaxe

Forged in Fire Champion Ryu Lim creates a Forged Viking style axe. Enjoy the video!


Blade Show 2019 Winners

Well here is a link to the official results! Many videos available for knives that premiered at the show. I will try to feature some of those so our readers know what new things are coming!

Back to the Country

After years of owning and being on a farm and doing all the work associated with a farm…

Well as My wife and I were getting older, and we thought maybe time to sell.. we gathered everything up and sold the farm and just about everything associated with it. We purchased a house in our small town and lived for two years, while constantly searching for a country place again. Pretty sure we missed it!

We purchased a much smaller place, more woods, not much pasture and a ton of work to do on a modular home that was on the property. The old house that was here many years ago is long gone. If I ever get this done…. before I die that is…I believe it will be very nice.

We have filled and emptied 3 dumpsters of junk (big ones) but filling the 4th well that’s taking a long time. Anyway working 4 months for now.

I have not posted as much because quite frankly working 12 hour days is tiring! I’ll leave you with a picture that I took when the sun came out for 2 minutes and it stopped raining!

By the way this property has outbuildings and at least one that will make a really nice shop. More on that soon.

Wishing you all a great day and many thanks for following my blog!

Knife Making Technique

Blade Magazine recently published this great video from Tom Ward Forged in Fire as he unfolds Forged Mosaic Damascus. This took place at the Wiertz Machine Works Hanner In

Tom is also an ABS Journeyman Smith and is turning out some outstanding work. Blacksmithing and Forging meet up again…Find him on Facebook and Instagram