Junkyard Steels 

If you are a Knifemaker and happen to visit a junk yard you might be interested in this steel chart 


Looking for Redemption Forged in Fire

Sharing this post from Chad, Forged in Fire Contestant who wants another chance! 

As any of you that have been following our blog will know, I was on the History Channel show Forged In Fire last year. I have been smithing now for a few years. I am self (and YouTube) taught. I have sold a good number of hand forged knives and all my customers seem to […]Looking for redemption


What is new for Spyderco 2018

Recently our friends at Blade HQ  had a chance to sit down with Eric Glasser, son of Spyderco founder Sal,  at Shot Show. Spyderco has some very exciting new and improved models that I am quite happy to see. As many of you know Spyderco tries very hard to maintain quality in Spyderco’s Colorado factory and in its contract factories in China, Taiwan, Japan and Italy. They pride themselves on listening to customers. They are not the largest knife company out there but they do put out a good quality product, even venturing into some fixed blades. 

Hope you enjoy this one! 

The 2018 CRKT Knives

We get a look at the new lineup for 2018 for CRKT and as in past years they have relied on designers to produce designs they can put into production. For the most part CRKT knives are inexpensive and imported. They usually make a good choice for an everyday carry. Of particular interest is the MK 16 which they have redone in a Framelock style and are using Sandvik. steel. 

Also CRKT is rolling out some knives using the basic design they have called Field Strip Technolohy originally designed by legendary knife designer Ken Onion.  It’s a about a 20 minute video but if you have interest in CRKT and enjoy their knives it’s worth a look as these knives will be or are already reaching store shelves.