“I Sawed My Index Finger in Half” – 5 More Knife Shop Horror Stories – Blade Magazine

Making knives is a rewarding hobby or career, but nearly every step is a chance for injury. Here are five horror stories from knife shops, as submitted by BLADE magazine readers.
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9 Tips for Proper Knife Show Etiquette (Updated 2019) – Blade Magazine

Almost always this question comes up of how to behave at a knife show. Many thanks to Blade Magazine Editor Steve Shakleford for the recent update!

Practice proper knife show etiquette and your entire knife show experience will benefit as a result. Fail to practice it and you may miss out on hot knives.
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Fish Knife by Steve Grosvenor

Karl Anderson of Anderson Forge talks about an absolutely great fish knife made by Steve of Red Rock Tools, South Dakota. I should add Steve is a former Forged in Fire Champion and quite a knifemaker.

Just listen to the praise from another accomplished knifemaker for this knife.