Rough Rider Tie Dye

No I am not a hippie… That whole experience predated me by several years. Somehow about every 20 years or so Tie Dye makes a comeback so multiple generations recognize the multi color. Rough Rider Knives might just be in the right time for their contribution to the seemingly tireless pattern with two knives.

The colors that dominate  the two knives: on one is orange, the other pink. For my review I have the orange version. It is a very colorful knife with assisted opening. It’s also a liner lock knife.  

As you can see the tie dye is everywhere including the liners and the clip.   The body of the knife is a reddish orange but somehow it all goes together.  The liners extend past the body to form two lanyard holes. Yes, I can see all kinds of paracord, bling, beads whatever tied to those two lanyard holes.

There is a some jimping along the handle as well. Don’t think it is really necessary but it does look nice.  Here are the specs on the knife : 

440A stainless steel blade with tie-dye onlays. Blade flipper. Thumb hole. Assisted opening. Plastic handle. Tie-dye design pocket clip and jimped liners. Lanyard hole. 2-3/8” spear point blade. Blade thickness: 1/8”. 3-1/2” closed. Psychedelic packaging. 

Here is a size comparison to the popular Kershaw Shuffle which I reviewed earlier: 

So as you see about the same size as the Shuffle…just much louder in style  and of course the Tie Dye Rough Rider does not have the bottle opener or the screwdriver head that the Kershaw Shuffle had.

The box is almost as colorful as the knife and has the once very popular “feelin groovy” printed on the box. 

I purchased this knife because it was different. It’s not expensive, and it opens easily and quickly. Pretty sure I have flicked it open at least a hundred times and the lock up is perfect on the knife.  It is small, so if you have very large hands it might be hard to open, but if you can get your finger on the flipper, it will fire open right away. 

Just simply a fun knife to use and perfect for summer. I recommend getting one or two. Take it to the beach, on a picnic or maybe a hike. Enjoy this season of Tie Die by Rough Rider.

Purchased at Smoky Mountain Knifewerks

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Yes, I carry a knife almost every day.

Yes, I have a nice collection of knives of various sorts.

Yes, I love checking out cool new knives.

But to me, knives are just tools. Tools that are to be used, regularly, for whatever I need to use them for. Most of the time that involves cutting something whether that is opening boxes and packages, trimming plants, opening the mail, or preparing food. They also get used for any sort of other purpose that may come up; pry bar, hammer, screwdriver, or even for self-defense should the need arise.

I sharpen them as needed but don’t use stones or fancy equipment. Generally I use a Smith’s Two Stage Sharpener like this one:

They are cheap, easy to use, easy to carry, easy to use and result…

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