Ontario Rat II

What knife just can’t seem to leave my pocket over the last almost two months?

Certainly that title gave you a big clue. The knife just worked for me. This is a knife that consistently stayed sharp, was always ready, and opened with a flick of a thumb on a perfectly placed thumb stud.

Much has been recorded on YouTube, written about, talked about, regarding this knife but the fact of the matter is this is one of the most successful knives ever launched by Ontario.

Bottom line if you are looking for an inexpensive EDC I strongly recommend this knife. For $10 bucks more get the D2 steel and you’ll be glad you did!

Now I offer a terrific and only slightly profane YouTube Video describing the knife and alluding to the New World Order business. Just too funny and fits my sense of humor. Many thanks Advanced Knife Bro, you have a new subscriber!


The Case of the Yellow Knife

By Steve Hanner

Who is not a fan of yellow handled knives? Many manufacturers make them but Case makes a great yellow.

In fact my knife collecting life started with a yellow knife, way back when I was a young man of just 10 years.

Somebody once said that yellow knives gained popularity when farmers and ranchers and just about anyone working in or on country property tried to use a bright color knife to make it easier to find when the inevitable happened and that knife dropped and fell to the ground.

But because of my early love of that yellow knife and because I was a farmer for many years, I must admit to buying many yellow knives through the years.

The yellow knife I write about today is indeed a W.R. Case Trapper with yellow handles. An absolutely beautiful knife with great fit and finish as we have come to expect. But the reason for my story is there is something very different about the knife.

The yellow handles are made from Delrin, a material that’s been around for a long time and is considered a good choice for a hard working knife. Delrin is strong, long lasting and made for rugged use.

This knife comes in three different models, two featuring a different steel and one featuring different handle material. There’s the Case Trapper Yellow Delrin with Case’s Tru-Sharp Stainless steel, and the Case Yellow Trapper with Chrome Vanadium. As of this writing a Peach Tree Jigged Bone with an amber handle is offered and that is a very pretty knife.

Over time the Chrome Vanadium will develop a patina in contrast to the shiny yellow Delrin. The Chrome Vanadium does require care, maybe a little more care than the Tru-Sharp stainless steel.

All models feature Case’s traditional nickel silver bolsters and nickel silver shield.

The yellow handles are secured to brass liners with brass pins. All models open with a finger pull cut into the two blades.

Well I told you there was a difference about this knife and just maybe you can pick it up in the specs:

The Case Pocket Clip Trapper Yellow Delrin with Chrome Vanadium Steel, Model 30114 Specs:

• 3 1/8” Clip Point, Chrome Vanadium

• Yellow Delrin

• Finger Pull

• Nickel Silver Bolsters and Shield

• Brass Pins and Liners

• Tip Down Pocket Clip

• 4 1/8” Closed

• 7 ¼” Overall

The specs for the Tru Sharp Blades is identical.

If you missed it here is a picture:

That’s right a pocket clip! A long awaited feature, finally here and on these three models. W.R.Case has used pocket clips on other knives like the Trapperlock, a knife I reviewed last year. So they do have experience. This is significant because it signals a change in traditional pocket knife styles.

This is collectible, very usable and only the beginning for what we see from W.R. Case

Where to Buy: Smokey Mountain Knifeworks

Knife Groups, Social Media Platforms

As a member of one or more of the above, I feel I am qualified to comment on all of them.

On Facebook, boasting over 1.5 Billion users, there are thousands of public, closed or yes even secret groups. Everything from a Forged in Fire group, to hundreds of knife groups, one for every Brand of knife, Buck, Case etc one for virtually every custom Knifemaker, one for every knife dealer as well as a group for old knives or left handed knives, or country knives or Regions of the country, yes, budget knives, exclusive knives….I’m exhausted just thinking about all this.

The point is there are as many knife groups on Facebook as there are knives. Pretty sure every tid bit is covered. Always wanted to use that word and finally got it in. And each has an admin or two whose only job is to get posts about knives.

YouTube, with a user base of 1.5B, also has a variety of knife related sites. Again many knife companies as well as dealers  have a “channel”like CRKT and AG Russell, Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Yes even guys like Mayor Fuglycool, Knife review channels like the Apostle or Nutnfancy or more recently Nick Shabazz are there by the thousands some of which I feature on my blog.

Speaking of blogs, a favorite of many authors is WordPress, probably at least several hundred knife blogs if not thousands. If you had absolutely nothing better to do with your time you could read them all!

Of course Instagram with an active user base reported to be 400 Million or Twitter with an active user base of 300M, or how about Pinterest with a user base of 100 Million. All have individuals  who love knives or make them or just admire them. You will find knife companies, knife magazines, yes manufacturers too, all with questions or pictures or Giveaways to encourage participation.

Or how about independent sites like Blade Forums or All About Pocket Knives (AAPK) or iKnifecollecter, or maybe Blade Ops, or EDC Forum all independent sites on there own platforms with their own moderators and owners.  I’m quite certain I’ve left some out, I apologize!

All these knife related locations operate somewhat exclusively in other words if your posting in one you might not post in another. You end up learning something, but here is my question …do you learn everything you can about knives and the hobby we love by restricting where you go? Maybe, maybe not.

I’ve joined some group or social media sites, become silent in others, and along the way acquired new friends in the process. When you join and participate you make many new “friends or followers”. Ah but if you leave well there go those tried and true friends/ followers. But wait,all is not lost that new place you landed has new friends/followers, new adventures and many laughs. The process is repeated in social media over and over again, every day.

And let’s not forget the live venues for knives like Shot Show every year which features guns and knives and that’is followed by Blade Show Atlanta! Except this year it’s not enough so there will be a second Blade Show Portland! Hoping they rerun Portlandia at that show.

Also what about the hundreds of knife shows held all over the world, every year.

Your choices for knife posting and viewing is as varied as the knives themselves. My advice is to pick one or more and enjoy, after all whether you make or collect….it’s all about the knife.

If there is one thing Blade Magazine Editor Steve Shackleford and I agree on , there are just way too many groups and maybe too many Social Platforms….

Spyderco, an interview

Spyderco Founder Sal Glesser and his son Eric. When they speak, with the market they control, it is beneficial to listen. They have an eye on the future and also pay attention to social media and buying trends. Once again the knife industry is changing.  Ordering direct, custom builds, the ability to take your knife apart for cleaning or to add aftermarket upgrades, the option of having parts of your knife anodized, it’s all evolving!  This video was from Knife Center. For more information or to buy Spyderco check: http://www.knifecenter.com