America knife & Tool make progress in Ohio

Ohio SB 140 to Become Law
Very positive changes are coming to Ohio knife laws. SB 140 has been (signed/allowed to become law) by Governor Mike DeWine and will be effective in 90 days.
“Ohio is a good case study in the process of making meaningful and common sense changes to knife laws,” said CJ Buck, AKTI Legislative Chair and CEO of Buck Knives. “It takes time, patience, partnerships and cooperation, especially bipartisan. No one can claim any piece of legislation and there are a lot of thank-yous owed for the success in Ohio to provide clarity for knife owners and allow the manufacture and sale of automatic knives.”
The American Knife & Tool Institute was engaged in advocacy efforts from the bill’s inception, working with sponsors on crafting the legislative language and securing coalition partner support, through the end, submitting testimony at last month’s committee hearing and meeting with the Governor’s office just weeks ago. Our efforts to change Ohio knife laws began on the ground during 2013 and, while the actual bill language has changed through the years, the final result is definitely positive in two key areas. First, clarity will be provided that a concealed item is not a weapon unless it is actually used as a weapon. Second, while automatic knives are legal to own in Ohio, they are now also legal to manufacture and sell.
“We thank all of those involved in the knife law success in Ohio, including our members and knife industry businesses in Ohio, our partners including the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, supporters such as the ACLU, and others involved at various stages,” said John Sullivan, AKTI President and Director of Compliance at W.R. Case & Sons. He added, “We sincerely thank Senator Roegner and Senator Obhoff for their work this session on SB 140, and for joining former Senator Uecker as cosponsors. We would also like to thank Representative Wiggam and Representative Lang for their tremendous efforts in the House to pass the bill and Governor DeWine and his office.”
The Ohio Knife Laws will be updated on the AKTI website shortly to reflect the official details and effective date.
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A Different New Year

Well to anyone following my blog, this has been a difficult year for the knife industry. Few shows, and only a few outlets to sell custom knives and even then, nothing has been moving too fast.

Commercial knives are still moving but not exactly a record pace as many reconsidered priorities in life.

We also lost many knifemakers who we featured on this blog. Some true pioneers in the industry…even saw one company change hands.

Many knifemakers custom as well as commercial have switched from Facebook to Instagram to Patlor, MeWe or who knows.. I am followed by a few on Instagram and have two reviews to do in the new year. Yes actually reviewed by me, written by me and pictures by me.

On a personal note my Dad wound up getting COVID which led to pneumonia and now it’s 50/50 if he’ll make it. So very difficult for me. Appreciate any prayers as we struggle through this with the help of a Loving God.

Stay safe this New Year Eve and have a better 2021

Knifemaker Tony Bose the legend is gone

Knifemaker Tony Bose

It is with great sadness that today we learned of the passing of our friend, Tony Bose. Anyone in the knife world knows that Tony was one of the most revered and loved in the industry. We had the honor and privilege to work with Tony for over 20 years and the things he taught us will live on forever. We give our sincere condolences to the Bose family as they go through this difficult time.

September 11, 2001

I had a good job with a good company and was in Houston, Tx when this happened I left my job shortly after, and moved to my own farm where I started farming. A thankless, not much money, worrisome time and for the last 20 years have pursued that dream with little or no help.

I started writing this blog to write about the Knives I was using on the farm. Hoping to continue in the near future but today…this day I was remembering,

Best Knife Steel Comparison – Steel Charts & Guide | Blade HQ

Had a friend ask me about blade steel yesterday and I remembered my friends at Blade HQ have a great chart you can use with clickable links if you are shopping for a particular steel.

Yes we can all be “blade snobs” and brag on our favorite steel.

Enjoy the list and stay sharp my friends

Learn all about knife steels, from CPM and Bohler to everything in between. Each steel features a chart with useful info that you need in shopping for knives.
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The Romance Novel Knife

Why does it always seem every knife has a story? Take this small hunter I got a few years ago from some guy on Facebook …well I know I probably shouldn’t have purchased it that way but I did and here’s why I bought this particular knife.

This guy is named Bill Burke and he posted video of the tests he performed on the knife. Test is the official word for what he did but it didn’t look all that official. While holding the knife in one hand and a romance novel in the other and proceeded to saw the book in half. There was no mistaking the genre either …he loudly proclaimed romance and completely cut it through. He really seemed to enjoy it although I can’t say it did the book any good. He seemed to have an endless supply of books and he kept making knives. Over time he had a pretty good following.

I am sorry that I didn’t keep a video of because it was always fun to watch although I don’t condone cutting up books it seemed to make him happy and if he had any trace of hostility it was taken out on a paperback and nothing else.

I don’t really know much about the actual steel used but if you think about it we were in the somewhat heady days of knowing a little about different types of steel. I’m pretty sure the steel is of the 1095 variety I’m not positive though, it does sharpen very easily and holds an edge rather well. The fit and finish is not perfect however it’s very serviceable and cuts quite well. It serves as an excellent EDC. The handle is smooth but I’ve had no trouble hanging on to the knife. I’ve enjoyed this knife for many years but I have never used it to cut a romance novel.

It fits rather neatly into a Rapala sheath and I can wear it on my belt.

I’ll never be a romance novel writer but I like knives and they almost always have a story to tell.