Colonial Bushcraft Knife

If you have ever thought about heading out for a fall camping trip, I have a knife for you!

This knife, the Defiant is over 11 inches long and perfectly balanced. Steel is 154 CM, is 3/16 inch stock in a sober grind and it sure has stood up to the tasks. Originally designed by Abe Elias and Diving Sparrow Knife Designs, this knife is made in the USA and is a bushcraft knife. It’s actually one of 4 different designs and sizes in the E.T.A.G. Line. The knife I have is the largest of the 4 and it’s quite a beast! The other 3 knives are the Ceberus at 9 inches, the Nemesis at 8 1/2 inches, the Nomad at 8 3/4 inches. All blades are Rockwell tested and come in at 59C

Here’s  what I noticed right after I opened the box:

  • It’s a solid knife – full tang construction and with a good amount of steel
  • The sheath – kydex that really holds the knife. Carry it upside down and it’s not falling out! Also has an adjustable belt clip that is moveable and can go attach to a variety of belts/packs
  • Fit and finish – just perfect, a smooth G-10, with a highly polished blade

I ran the knife through a small series of tests. The first being feathering and the big knife did not disappoint:  

In fact it created a growing pile of chips that I can start a fire with. I do have a separate fire starter, but one incorporated with the sheath would be a great add on.

Also tried to do a bit of chopping with the knife and it easily formed a wedge. No question with a lanyard securely attached you could cut a variety of semi large timber, like shelter poles or stakes. This motion can sharpen a stick to create a harpoon.

The shiny blade finish could be used as a signal mirror:  

Clearly there are many things this knife can do, not the least of which is to use it as a weapon if needed. The swedge at the top could also be sharpened to pierce and process game.( In this example I am talking about real life survival where this type of modification is necessary.) Check your local laws as this practice in a normal setting may be prohibited.

You will not be disappointed if you take this knife or whatever model you choose into the woods for deer camp or wherever Bushcraft might take you. I suggest reviewing the models and pick the one or ones matched up to what you would like to do. Check your local dealer as these are on a limited run. This knife is a good addition to my knives.


      21 thoughts on “Colonial Bushcraft Knife

      1. It is a great knife. I am honored to have one of my own. It has reached the top 10 list of my knives. I plan on trying mine out in camping trips this coming year.


        • It really is easy to handle and while the model I have is the largest it is well balanced, does chop and baton action well! Was even able to cut and feather to get some good fire starter going.


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      3. great knife, and a great sheath, to me the sheath is just as important as the knife, i have passed on some knives just because of the shoddy sheath. then i found a guy here where i live that makes great sheaths, any way you can think of, now i don’t have an excuse not to buy some knives, curses foiled again.

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