Just the right Noot (🎼)

For quite some time now I have been acquainted with Alexander Noot( pronounced note). He started as a collector and user of knives and eventually began to make his own. He makes his home in Netherlands and has been practicing the craft for a while attending shows and often selling out!

I received this knife a few years ago and every year I faithfully take it out in the winter and it becomes my go to blade when putting out hay for my goats. Unlike the cows we used to raise, goats do better when the round bale is split apart and evenly distributed. The other difference is goats eat weeds, leaves and seeds. Very little if any grass. I use this knife to help split the bales which often contain multiflora( a wickedly thorny rose like bush).

The design was to create a type of Bob Loveless knife, at least a similar style. I had asked him if he could make this style but make it very sturdy. And that he did using a nicholson file and grinding it to suit my needs. The knife was heat treated as well to a hardness of about 60. The knife has some jimping along the spine.

The handle is wooden and fits well. In order to better control the knife and not drop it in the hay bale, I did add a lanyard through this hole:

So here is a picture of the knife today, outfitted with some paracord and my latest bead from schmuckatelli(found on IG as @schmuchatellico) it’s a Kiko Tiki bead in pewter:

You can reach Alexander on IG as @lxemergency. Follow him there or send a message. I guarantee he can make what you might need in a variety of steels and handle materials. Sheath making is a family affair now and his wife is turning out some fashionable and unique sheaths that make it a total custom.

As far as I am concerned this is one hard working knife and I am pleased to add it to my working knives!