13 thoughts on “Our Blog about knives will return 

    • Your grandfather was a smart man! Farm still for sale, packing, throwing away the junk and donating the better stuff. It’s amazing what you collect over the years. It may go tomorrow or 6 months from now, but trying to organize sooner, rather than later!


  1. hey howdy, I’ve been on the road all week and ran into a guy making knives in Hamilton Texas, first time i’ve seen a knife where the handles are from a turtle, very interesting, hope all is going well

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  2. hope the moves going well and you’re back up and running, I’ve been hitting the antique barns, buying mainly old knives. now i have 6 or 7 to clean up, blessings

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    • Cleaning old knives and bringing them back to usable condition is a satisfying and rewarding experience. It is fun to learn about them in the process. If those knives could talk, the stories they could tell!

      So far so good…not all the way done but in process for sure.


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