8 thoughts on “Archer…The Switchblade

  1. Hey Steve. Personally I can do without the switchblade.. I love the spring assisted like Kershaw Blur and the Zt, Zero Tolerance to name a couple. I buy, sell and trade knives at gun shows and have for several yrs. I do have a few people that will ask if I have auto’s but very seldom do.. Those are my edc and I love them. To each his on.. That’s what makes the world go around..

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  2. Great video, Steve. That’s why there’s a knife for everybody.. Personal likes make the world go around. Thanks for the great stuff you send.. I always appreciate it.. I’m still trying to recoup from the show this last weekend. They wear me out but love em!! I actually sold a switchblade at the show. Still got a small Smith and wesson in my stock..

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  3. being able to legally carry an auto opening knife with old, busted up arthritic hands is a blessing, even flippers give me a problem now days.

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    • Flippers can be a challenge for anyone. Many times the geometry of the flipper( placement along the blade, length of the flipper and angle of the top of the flipper) all combine for an easy opening knife. Some get it right but not all and not on every knife.


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