CRKT Septimo

CRKT is to be commended for reaching out to soldiers turned knife designers with combat experience in its Forged in War series. The latest by Jeremy Valdez. The knife called Septimo is a tanto style blade. Very heavy duty knife, yet slim and light. Some great views of it here, as well as some footage of Jeremy in service. As we approach our Fourth of July celebration, we thank all those who served and remember those who paid the price for the freedom we enjoy. 


6 thoughts on “CRKT Septimo

  1. Reblogged this on stormylntz and stuff and commented:
    This is an excellent knife designed by Jeremy Valdez as part of the CRKT Forged by War Series. Thanks to SteveKnife for bringing this to my attention. I think you will find the video inspirational. Thank you, veterans.


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