Fourth of July

In just a few days we will celebrate our country’s  birthday. I am reminded of a performance by Mr. Red Skelton that my parents listened to when I was a very young man.  I remember it bringing a tear to my Fathers eye. He was a veteran. This performance and my parents reaction to it stuck in my mind all these years . Here is a copy of that performance

God Bless America 

9 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Hah, Steve.. I was somewhat older when I watched Red. Slelton.. One of my favorites along with George Carlin.. I bet you’re just a pup.. LOL. I probably have gold toe socks older than you. LOL. Oh well, life goes on !!! Great for your posts. Have a great 4th. It’s least of my favorite holidays because of the the yay hoos that have to fire them up later at nite.. Oh well. Keep up the great work!!!!

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