Knives of Rambo

From my friends at Blade Magazine this little feature on the knives Rambo used in his movies. They were produced by Jimmy Lile and my friend Gil Hibben. Some wonderful music here that has some meaning. I will post the explanation of the the person that put it all together. Hope you enjoy. 

Steve, we got a lot of mixed messages regarding the main track I chose for the knife video. The Measure Of A Man track from Rocky 5, does kinda work, if you listen to the lyrics regarding the clips, like the “Fire in your eyes) line, when the Russian holds the hot Mission knife up to Banks (The POW’s) eye, and the “Battered hands” line when Rambo is suturing his wound on his arm, and also “You are out of place” and we see rambo in the mine, eating the pig, referring to him being a misfit. “These dirty streets, you learned to love” is a reference to him saying that he’s at home in the wild, and finally when he’s on the Sampan boat, the line “You’ve come full circle now you are home” is a reference to saying he’s at home in Vietnam. A lot of people didnt get it i dont think. 🙂

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