6 thoughts on “Watch tonight!

  1. Hey, Steve
    I’ll be watching tonite for you.. I usually tune in to Forged and enjoy even though I’m not a knife maker. You wouldn’t want a knife that I made plus I’d probably cut myself `100 times in trying to make it. I really do appreciate the talent of the ones that do.. Keep up the great work and win!!!!!!!!!!

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      • I am correct to say that you will be in the competiton tonite.. The goodlooking guy in the gray shirt, huh?? Oh, by the way, are you familiar with IKC knife club and Jan Carter.. I’m a member of that and several of them watch Forged every time it’s on.

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      • Hey again, Steve,
        Please forgive me.. Sometimes it takes a while to soak in with my thick skull. lol. Of course, you’re familiar with IKC. You’re a member and as I remember, I even have you down as a friend.. It’s been a long day and maybe I’ll get through it.. LOL.. Any way, we’re figuring everything out. just takes a while..

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