8 thoughts on “Every knife has a story! Read this gem!

  1. Definitely tell the story. I am the oldest of five boys. My father used to load us up in a 1949 Kaiser, and we were always fishing. Not more than a mile from where my home was on the water. Set up tents. Start a campfire. Big boys got heavy wood, little guys got brush. Fish. Cook over coals. We slept like logs, and my father stood firewatch and kept it going all night. He taught stuff he learned as a combat GI in WW2. In the morning, breakfast, break camp. Fish. Bring home a big bunch of fish. I was the scaler and filleter. Had to cut the cheeks and split the heads. Almost everything of the fish was used, little waste. Today, it’s only me and my youngest brother. Miss those days.

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  2. You just made me think of something. When I used to cut fish, maybe I was twelve years old, I saw the one cutlery item that put an ear to ear smile on my face, and made my eyes big as silver dollars. The meat cleaver. Ahhh…
    My baby brother calls me the “Axe murderer”. Everyone used to shout, “Watch your fingers!”. I developed the skill of a sushi chef with the cleaver. Today, I still cut pineapples with a cleaver and vertical slice in quarters, then thinly slice, with speed. Everyone shouts, “Watch your fingers!”. It makes me feel like Hannibal Lecter.

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