Smith Knives

By Steve Hanner

Prior to calling Lacy Smith of Smith Knives, I took the time to make a pot of coffee and I am sure glad I did. Our phone conversation went almost an hour and the cough/ cold congestion I am fighting left me gasping for air and gulps of coffee helped keep my throat from drying up completely.

Lacy Smith is an interesting person, he’s been making knives, first as a hobby and then full time and would sell you one of his custom knives along with sharing his personal faith in a wonderful one,two presentation. 

For many years he designed and made automotive parts with contracts and a thriving business. When his industry suffered a downturn in 2008. Lacy found himself looking for other opportunities. Smith spent a lot of time praying, asking for guidance.  It wasn’t long before his hobby of making knives opened up to something more.  While trying to understand how he would buy Christmas presents for his kids, an order showed up for a good quantity of knives. Another order came in for almost the same amount and not only was Christmas saved but an entirely new career was launched. 

In the process of launching his newfound career, the need for a logo came to mind. In the middle of the night, a vision,that Lacy credits to a dream, and with pen in hand at 2am he came up with this:

And this description on his website:
 Thanks for your interest in Smith Knives.

In business since 2010, our mission is to provide quality handmade knives at affordable prices.

About My Logo

The design of my logo took a lot of thought about the things that matter the most in my life. I have included items that represent both my family and my faith.

1) The circle represents eternal life – made possible by salvation in my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

2) The three dots represent the trinity – Father, Son, & Holy Ghost.

3) The three S’s have a dual meaning – They represent me and my two sons, but more importantly they represent Salvation – made possible by Jesus Christ, Santification – made possible by my Heavenly Father through salvation by Jesus Christ, &Solace – the comfort that can only be recieved from the Holy Ghost through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Lacy enjoys a long time friendship and working relationship with Brad Vice,  the owner of Alabama Damascus Steel. Together the two men have rejuvenated an old plant into a Damascus producing, knife making business. That  Alabama Damascus eventually become beautiful blades as they are ground to the right shape and sharpness. 

I took another sip of coffee and began talking about one of the things that caught my interest, a new offering by Smith Knives that took advantage of small Damascus pieces that would come from scraps left over after cutting the knives. Lacy and his son were discussing what they could do with these scraps. In a most incredible moment they both thought of the same thing…. A small Damascus Cross. This is what caught my eye and inspired this article. Here is a picture:

There it is sitting on top of my workbench  along with some of the things that came along with the Cross. I only added the chain.  These are available of the Smith Knives website. Information on where to buy are at the end of my article. 

Smith turns out some great knives and here are some fine examples of what comes out of the shop:

Today Smith Knives books are closed and they have a nearly two year backlog of orders that keep him tremendously busy. Many of his orders are from repeat customers who have come to know and understand the quality of his work. To me that’s a true sign of a craftsman, repeat customers who rely on a quality cutting tool. 

Smith Knives

Lacy Smith



8 thoughts on “Smith Knives

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    Very nice. One photo, the top one, looks similar to a knife I bought at a yard sale for 99 cents. A Henckels chef knife, broken and a little rusty. I ground it down and made a first class skinning knife out of it. The rust came off with a little elbow grease. Had it until the flood. The sheath was Tandy 7 oz. to 8 oz. leather I made, a taco style that rode fairly high on the belt. Used six stitches per inch four prong tool to punch the leather and saddle stitch thread. It was oil tanned. The knife was a real swift cutter for removal of hide. Simple design knives that fit the hand with good balance and quality high carbon steel, are worth their weight in gold. I notice that the Smith knife, appears to be oil blued. Nice and traditional.

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