Ontario Rat II

What knife just can’t seem to leave my pocket over the last almost two months?

Certainly that title gave you a big clue. The knife just worked for me. This is a knife that consistently stayed sharp, was always ready, and opened with a flick of a thumb on a perfectly placed thumb stud.

Much has been recorded on YouTube, written about, talked about, regarding this knife but the fact of the matter is this is one of the most successful knives ever launched by Ontario.

Bottom line if you are looking for an inexpensive EDC I strongly recommend this knife. For $10 bucks more get the D2 steel and you’ll be glad you did!

Now I offer a terrific and only slightly profane YouTube Video describing the knife and alluding to the New World Order business. Just too funny and fits my sense of humor. Many thanks Advanced Knife Bro, you have a new subscriber!

9 thoughts on “Ontario Rat II

  1. The Rat I and Rat II have been on my want list for a long time now. The problem is, the knives are so boring looking I’ve purchased several other knives ahead of these, and probably will continue to do so.

    That said, the Ontario Knife Company has great customer service. I bought a karambit from them for my son and it came dull, by my standards. I wrote to complain and they had me ship it to them for free, then sharpened it and sent it back for free. I can’t find any fault with their customer service.

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