New W.R.Case Campaign

Keep Your Hands Sharp

Today Case started a new campaign that I like quite a bit. I ran a farm for many years and worked with my hands every single day.

Now, I work on construction, build in my shop and do just about anything to stay busy. You know what, there is no shortage of work to do.

Watch this short video and see if it doesn’t make sense to you. Time to make a change!

Browning Knives, Equal

In this review I cover two different Browning knives, one knife called The WheelHouse and one called The Equal. I must warn you The WheelHouse is a discontinued model so finding it may be difficult.

These knives along with a Tactical line by Browning made its debut at Shot Show 2018.

The WheelHouse is a well designed knife Model #0029 It is a linerlock with G-10 scales covering the grip section of the knife. The blade steel is 7Cr17MoV with a hardness of 56-58. The blade is a drop point style finishing in a narrow and pointy tip.

The blade length of the WheelHouse is 3 1/2″ inches with a closed length of 4 1/8″:

The WheelHouse

The Equal is part of a tactical line by Browning called Black Label. The Equal was designed by Jared Wihongi, an instructor in Edged Weapons and martial arts as well as in law enforcement. Wihongi has developed a line of tactical weapons that bear his name.

Read more about him here:

The Browning Black Label Equal is model number 0273 The knife handle is G-10 and fiberglass in a black. The steel is 7Cr17MoV and has a Rockwell Hardness of 57-58.

The blade is a drop point and has a Black stonewashed finish.

Opening is controlled by a flipper or by a thumb stud located on both sides of the blade. Pressure on that thumb stud drives open the blade instantly with no auto assist.

The lock up on the knife is very secure and hits dead center. The Equal is a liner lock.

The main blade is 3 1/2″Closed length is 5″ with an overall length of 8 1/2″:

The Black Label Equal

Both blades open with a flipper but require a flip of the wrist. I had much more success placing my thumb under the thumb stud applying pressure and the knife opened quickly. These two videos will show you the quickness.

Two fun knives with that classic Browning signature pocket clip. Both are a good choice as EDC and worthy of being in your rotation. Cutting tasks, like opening boxes, cutting paracord, fishing line or cardboard are easily accomplished and the blades can be resharpened to keep a good edge.

I am keeping my eye on Browning, to see what else develops in design of The Wihongi line as well as other Black Label Knives and equipment.

Much credit to Jared Wihongi, who currently has an exciting future and my friend and fellow writer Erin Healy for a great article about all this in Blade Magazine last year and to Browning for some exciting knives.

Stay Sharp my friends!