The Rough Rider Fast Walk-in, Quick Talkin Linerlock

I actually bought this knife as kind of a throw in. If I got my total above a certain amount I received free shipping from Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

My intention is to review all the knives, from that purchase, all Rough Riders, the House brand of SMKW, but I’m starting here. This is one crazy big flipper with G-10 handles and a long blade described as a spear point.

The blade is 440 steel and is listed as 5 inches long. The actual blade length by my measurement is 5 inches with a cutting edge of 4 inches. Yes it’s a big blade!

To accommodate that large blade is a large handle that’s bigger than my phone. The G-10 allows for a good grip when you grip it and flip it!

The funny thing is this knife has a thumb disk that allows you to flip it open and a flipper tab. Both work extremely well but with no detente or a weak one this knife will just open with inertia. A downward motion and a slight flip up and your knife is open. The lock bar springs into place until you decide to move it over. And then look out it closes almost as fast as it opens.

There is a pocket clip on the knife which as mounted allows for tip up, right handed carry. You can switch the pocket clip to the other side for left handed carry.

It does have a pretty good sized lanyard hole. Not sure I would pocket carry, but have tried putting it in my boot but a pouch or sheath might be good as well.

The knife did need some sharpening. Although in learning how to open it I’m glad it was not super sharp. I for sure would have cut myself.

This is a big knife but I found it fun to use. It’s inexpensive and might just fit your needs.

Now it is possible there are some bronze washers in there or some other slippery surface washers but this knife is as fast as they say it is…maybe even faster. For some cheap thrills and endless flipping this is a fun knife in the Rough Rider line.

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