Holden Knives; A Review

One very good looking attractive knife!

The idea for this knife ? Would it survive the ruggedness of hunting season?

After farming and ranching for much of my life, we moved to a smaller parcel still very rural but not really set up for animals type location. Water is everywhere on this property with a creek, several springs and a twenty acre lake within walking distance. Perfect for hunting and fishing, maybe even forging my own someday,

Jerry Holden knows his steels and after some trials he settled on AEB-L Steel for this particular knife. If you don’t know about this steel let me just say that it’s a great steel for knives. High Carbon content and some Chromium with a little manganese, phosphorus, Sulphur and a pinch of silicon if your looking for a good recipe. Originally used for razor blades it takes a fine edge, resists corrosion and is easy to sharpen. About perfect for a knife if you ask me!

And of course this knife is a full tapered tang, and very solid but not too heavy.

You can see in the pictures how it comes to a point making it great for piercing to separate things like joints and marrow. Several times I dropped this knife from a distance into a stump and it stuck every time… perfectly balanced and straight

The bone scales are light colored with a few dark streaks and good size giving a good grip. The liners I picked were orange in color and really compliment the bone. Stainless 1/4 pins help hold it all together.

The knife blade is sandblasted and of course a hollow grind and that produced a well defined cutting edge. The choil is smooth and fits my finger perfectly to choke up a bit on the blade.

I don’t show pictures of the processing it did but I can say it did the job perfectly with good edge retention and little if any staining.

This knife came with a kydex sheath that the knife snapped into very well, with no movement. I do wear this knife on an outer belt for quick retrieving.

Holden Knives can be found on Instagram @holdenknives . His work is evolving and and he is producing some good knives. I believe as time permits you will see much more from this knifemaker. Thank you for a fun, good lookin knife to use in the field and someday pass on to future generations!

Don’t forget my friends to love one another and keep Jesus in your heart!

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