Best Knife Steel Comparison – Steel Charts & Guide | Blade HQ

Had a friend ask me about blade steel yesterday and I remembered my friends at Blade HQ have a great chart you can use with clickable links if you are shopping for a particular steel.

Yes we can all be “blade snobs” and brag on our favorite steel.

Enjoy the list and stay sharp my friends

Learn all about knife steels, from CPM and Bohler to everything in between. Each steel features a chart with useful info that you need in shopping for knives.
— Read on–Best-Knife-Steel-Guide–3368

9 thoughts on “Best Knife Steel Comparison – Steel Charts & Guide | Blade HQ

    • Several things have helped create a chef knife market.
      1. Proliferation of restaurants caused a huge increase in demand
      2 even when people ate at home they needed something to assist in food preparation
      3 blades need to be sharp and remain sharp for longer times blended steels accomplish that mission.
      4 Decorative chef knives have to look good..! Pattern Damascus is a great example

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  1. I did leave a comment and it may still be waiting moderation. Please respond if the comment was list. There has been some difficulties posting comments as of recent.

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