Theodulf Alcuin 735-804

Alcuin became an architect in the Carolingian renaissance establishing schools and libraries that spread the literacy among the Franks and preserved important historic and literary documents.The following prayer reflects this Christian scholars devotion to God and desire for wisdom

Eternal Light shine into our hearts, Eternal Goodness, Deliver us from evil, Eternal Power be our support, Eternal Wisdom scatter the darkness of our ignorance, Eternal Pity have mercy upon us that with all our heart and mind and souls and strength we may seek thy Face and be brought by thine infinite mercy to thy holy presence through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

From the book Turning Points by Mark A Noll , Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity

7 thoughts on “Theodulf Alcuin 735-804

  1. I am not familiar with Alcuin. I like your reflection on wisdom and his works. I am associating the past times and works to the present day where life has changed so much that we are being called to a higher realm, at a greater cost, to do greater works. Happy blessed Friday Steve.

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    • Thank you and all the best to you Blessings! I should point out his profile showed up in my studies and I was quite taken by his concerns and prayers and here we are 1000 years or so later praying the same type of prayers


      • Prayers are always a must in the spread of the gospel. You are referring to your bible studies, right? The prayer that you have shared is similar to a 1000+ prayer which I pray for those who pass away. Thanks for the added information, Steve.

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