CRKT M4, a Kit Carson design

Recently I purchased a CRKT M4 02W, as a possible EDC knife for work on the farm. The first thing that appealed to me was that burl wood handle. It sure looked good in the picture and was pretty sure it would feel good working as well.

Upon opening the box I had some initial impressions. The knife was solid, heavy and very good looking. The  burl wood is warm and attractive and the stainless brushed bolsters make it look pretty classy. Sure it’s equipped with LAWKES, a CRKT design to prevent the blade from opening. In my opinion, it’s not really needed as I doubt this knife is going to open clipped in my pocket. It might save them $5 or so on a knife and perhaps they could have a lower price point or possibly put the money into something else.

It does have dual thumb studs and that’s handy. It does require a special angle on the opening to actually employ the assisted open with the thumbstuds, but when you get it right, it’s a fast opener. The pocket clip is not moveable but does allow for a deep pocket carry.

It’s been said that this series of M4’s was a favorite of knife designer Kit Carson. Not too big or gaudy but always a good seller.

To get the Outburst mechanism to engage, the blade must be opened at least 30 degrees according to CRKT. This generally works as described. A break-in period does help.

The 3.25″ blade is a high-hollow-grind drop point of premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in a bead-blast finish that comes out of the box ready to bite you!

Here are some specs:

Blade: 3.25″
Overall: 7″
Closed: 3.75″
Weight: 3.3 

One of the reasons I bought this knife is because of Kit Carson. He was a 30 year military man. He had been making and designing knives for many years. Sadly the world lost a great designer way too soon. 

All in all I recommend the knife. It has been very successful around the farm cutting, some light chopping, box and bag opening. The steel holds an edge and is easily resharpened. It’s an easy carry and attractive EDC. Good performance for the price!