Blacksmithing School

Hosted by my friends Chad( Forged in Fire) and Maria. A link to their WordPress account below. Doing just a fine job promoting the craft as well as setting the stage for their future farm. I have great respect for them as my wife and I believed in farming and ranching as well. This post is going out to nearly 5000 people. We welcome comments and questions! 

Today was the very first class for our blacksmithing school. I had two students, Anthony, and Shane. They were great students and did very well. We spent a good bit of time discussing shop safety and tools selection. Especially after hearing about the knucklehead from upstate New York who burned down half a town by […]First day of school..


The Knife Industry …Forever Changing

In the span of just a few weeks, I had the privilege of seeing two posts on the YouTube Channel of the Apostle P (Rob) concerning handmade knives. Blend that with the hours I spend on social media, watching and covering the knife industry, and just like that the knife industry is changing.  Primarily I am speaking of folders or pocket knives. 

Clearly the days of the tactical, titanium, or plastic or G10 knife scales, although not gone, are giving ways to wood or bone or good old stag.  No the so called tactical knives will still be with us, with some new designs,new materials and various improvements in mechanisms to open, close or clean your knife. 

But the tactical are just being slightly forced into sharing center stage with traditional pocket knife patterns like the trapper, the stockman and the barlow. 

And custom makers are yearning to create these traditional patterns. Today you have people like my friend Tom Ploppert making some beautiful traditional folding knives.  In this video we see KNIFEMAKER Jeff Claiborne, Aaron Cooper  and Esnyx( Evan Nicollaides) talk about building these knives. This video also shows a brief bit of forging the blade. That’s right these guys are doing it all..right down to forging the blade and making a sheath to put it in. These knives are not inexpensive. But you can count on them being passed down through generations. 

In an earlier video, The Apostle P(Rob) also talks with Cooper, Esnyx as well as Knifemaker Tony Bose. Tony is a long time advocate of handmade knives, including folders, using traditional patterns. Some of these patterns have not been made in a while and yet have proven to be very popular, just ask WR Case.