Buck QuickFire

By Steve Hanner

This Buck QuickFire comes in two color options that I can sure relate to… Black or Blue.  When I am out working for 14 to 16 hours I sometimes come in black and blue from something!  The hazards might be due to directing a falling tree closer to the desired direction or convincing one of the animals to slide into the corral but no matter, my blue Buck QuickFire was with me every step of the way.

Other than color one of the first things you notice about this knife is the fast opening capability of the QuickFire. This assisted-opening knife comes with ASAP Technology®. According to Buck the reason for the QuickFires’ fast release is found in dual springs used to provide an easy and safe blade release. The end result is easy and fast one handed opening. So many times during the day’s chores I need a knife and I need it quickly to accomplish something and this Buck knife is indeed a QuickFire  knife.

The Buck QuickFire is a lockback knife. The locking mechanism is along the back of the knife. The lock holds the blade securely, with no wiggle or blade play. Press down on the lock and the blade is easily disengaged allowing for a one handed close . In addition the knife is equipped with right and left hand thumb stud to assist opening. The steel in this blade is 420C and is an attractive drop point design. The blade length is 2 3/4. The hardened steel results in a Rockwell Hardness of RC58. Buck knives steel is  made up of alloys combined with chromium steel that is very corrosion resistant. The QuickFire blade held an edge as I went about daily chores and after much use re-sharpens very easily.

The knife has a stainless steel pocket clip and is designed to be carried blade tip down. In addition the Buck QuickFire has a lock that secures the blade and acts as a safety in the open or closed blade position. With this lock in the closed position the blade absolutely will not open in your pocket.The thermoplastic handle of the QuickFire has a sculpted design that gives the knife a unique look and provides a solid grip. The QuickFire also has steel liners that add to the strength and overall quality and weight of the knife The overall size of the knife in the open position is over seven inches and is perfect size for opening bags of range cubes or chicken feed. A lanyard hole is designed right into the back of the knife and blends perfectly with the overall look of the knife.

The knife was designed by Buck Knives own in house design team with Mark McLean. Originally the knife made its debut as the 288 Catapult and was offered in a silver gray. In this redesigned, relaunched and renamed version, the Buck QuickFire has been widely acclaimed.

The Buck QuickFire is a hard working knife and has been my go to EDC (Every Day Carry)for nearly two months. It never failed to perform. Opening and closing the knife is consistently easy to do. The pocket clip keeps the knife ready and is not too tight or too loose, placing just enough pressure to hold it securely in my pocket.

The QuickFire is Made in the USA and Buck’s Forever Warranty applies.

To purchase:

Smoky Mountain Knife Works



10 thoughts on “Buck QuickFire

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  2. good review, my only problem is I will only carry a knife that’s tip up. muscle memory and all that. I quit buying kershaw knives as they use the cheapest screws and you can’t change the clip with out ruining the screw. lately I’ve been using a case sod buster for just about anything, if I have to I can open it with my teeth (not really recommended or sanitary) but for small jobs like ear notching and baling twine it’s great.

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  3. Nice review! And interesting looking piece.
    However, even with claims of 58 Rockwell, I’m turned down by the steel. 420c is easy to sharpen but you sure need to sharpen it often (and given my sharpener set up, I’m OK doing real hard steels, like M390 or D2, but the whole thing takes time… ). If it works for you and your use style, then it’s a great steel, though.

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