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No Harm In Farmin

I received an e-mail from a casting Producer with ITV America the other day. They handle casting for several shows including “Forged In Fire”, “Alone”, “American Grit”, and “Pawn Stars” among others.

I got the e-mail because I was on Forged In Fire, and since folks that compete on that show might know people that train and use knives on a regular basis. I was asked to put out the word that they are casting for a new show involving knives and some sort of physical challenge.

I don’t know the details of what it would entail, but I can give you an excerpt from it that gives a brief description and the contact info…


“We’re searching nationwide for bladesmith, swordsman/women, weapons experts, martial artists, bladesport enthusiasts, etc. who want to put their knife skills to the test. All levels – from amateur to expert- are accepted, as long…

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