10 thoughts on “Automatics and Switchblades

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    Generally speaking, my own use runs along the lines of field dressing deer, or the utility of a TL29.
    It is always interesting to know what edged weaponry is out there, and that interest began when I started taking knives off the streets when I was a cop. Interesting thing is, about 10% of all those knives taken off criminals, were sharp, and 90% so dull, it was pathetic.

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      • I hone them up to 12,000 as I keep my straight razors.
        The criminals, had some really pathetic stuff. I also noticed that the method they used in cutting anything, always involved a great deal of physical force. I use a light touch. I wondered if their brain was wired differently of something wrong upstairs with them, because it seemed, the harder the job cutting, the more they liked it, and I saw them cut many things automotive related, to cardboard boxes. Maybe I’m different? I learned to sharpen and hone from my uncle, on his tugboat, because rope lines had to be mended.

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      • Thank you. Growing up, and on a tugboat, splicing lines, whipping lines, my hands were punctured so many times with sewing needles, I wondered if those scars would ever leave. Knives had to be sharpened, floors swept and mopped, wipe down control valves in the engine room, go topside to do line mending. I never tired of it, not ever. The days went by too soon. The crew gave me coffee, which I loved, a small sandwich section cut from the bias, and a piece of fresh fruit. I never got tired, and in time, the crew taught me many things. I can still read tide and current, glance at the sky, and tell the weather. The world was different and much better back then.

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  2. I have two switchblade knives. Both are Colonials. They were designed by Blackie Collins. I also have a Colonial assisted opening. It too was designed by Blackie Collins. One of the switchblades is in my EDC rotation.

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